#IndoLife: Apartment Edition

Today is the day you get to see some photos of my apartment! Hip hip hooray! IMG_0144 I really like my apartment: it’s beautiful, it’s unique, and it was obviously thrown together quickly. So, it has its quirks. It’s technically a studio apartment, but you will see how it has been slightly modified to feel as if it has real rooms.

This is a photo taken from my doorway. You can see my washer/ dryer on the right. It’s a very nice machine– brand new– but when I use it, it flips the breaker about four times per cycle.

My suitcase is living on the left side. It is banished there for another week or two because, when flying into Jakarta, it had an unfortunate incident with what I assume to be a bunch of fish. While my bag does not smell as terrible as many of the other suitcases that were taken off the plane, it has a very fishy smelling streak down the side. Therefore, it remains far away from my clothes until I can guarantee it won’t make my clothing smell like fish.


As you continue into my apartment, there is a very long built in shelf to the left. I attached some flags that I made when I was an RA at Calvin, but other than that, I haven’t decorated much.

At this point in the hall, the entry to my bathroom is to the right.


Now, straight past the bookshelves (and the entry to my bedroom), you see a bit of my living room/ kitchen.

I placed my desk back-to-back with a booth that we were given, so that the room is sectioned off a bit, as if the living room is first, followed by the kitchen.

You can see a bit of my kitchen table and water cooler on the other side of the booth. If you were to turn to the right, you would see my sofa! It’s very comfy, although I wouldn’t recommend sleeping on it. Perfect for internet browsing and reading, though.

If you were to continue into my kitchen, and stand with your back to the windows, you would be looking back down the main hallway of my apartment.

To the left, you get another perspective of the sofa, the front of the booth seating, and you can see where the curtains are drawn down over the glass walls of my bedroom.

IMG_0149You can tell that my apartment isn’t really that large: perhaps only a bit over 20 ft wide, really.

Now, if you were to go back towards the door, you would walk past my bedroom doors on the left. They are double glass sliding doors, and I just keep them open all the time (what’s the point of keeping them closed?!)

IMG_0150Pretend you entered my room. If you sat on my bed, you could see into my bathroom. It’s quite narrow (albeit long), so there is no good way to photograph it for you. However, from this photo, you can see the glass walls of my shower, and past that, one of the three cabinet/ closet sets. (I have more closet space than I every have had in my life, and less clothing than I ever have had in my life… it’s a very odd situation to be in, really.)

And this concludes the tour of #IndoLife: Apartment Edition! (Thank you, and have a lovely day.)


4 thoughts on “#IndoLife: Apartment Edition

  1. Wow what an awesome apartment!! Great view and just enough living space for one person…..what I noticed most was how very clean it was!! So impressive!!!

    • Hahaha, I try, I try. I lot of people hire “helpers” here, to do things like clean, cook, and do laundry. The price of labor is very cheap. However, I am going to try to do all of those things on my own. (We will see how it goes– I HATE washing my title floor, because it gets dirty extremely fast, so maybe I will hire someone just to do that! :P)

  2. Wow! For such a narrow space, they really did a great job of making it look open and functional!

    Sorry I have not written on this blog yet. Every time I read one of your posts, I have to upload it in a tab on my computer at whole foods (there is a whole foods 3 minutes away walking distance from my house… so nice) and read it at home because I still don’t have my own internet access. I can go to the fitness center and mooch off of the service in the club house, but I feel bad for anyone who may come in to work out.

    Anyway, I’m at one of our favorite places in the world right now – Starbucks within a B&N – finally catching up on teaching things. My school has so many great resources for teachers. It’s a dream. It’s great to hear that Indo is going well. Your place looks beautiful. I love the view. You have inspired me to possibly start a blog of my own about Colorado and my life here. I’ll let you know if I do. And, who knows, maybe I’ll even figure the whole Instagram thing out and start doing that, too.

    Miss you, friend. Good luck starting such a monumental year. You’ll be fantastic!

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