Taman Mini: I held a snake edition


20130806-190520.jpgSo, as you can see, I held a boa constrictor today.  Unsurprisingly, I have probably held dozens of snakes before this moment, but none quite as large as this guy.

Also, you will notice some photos of me petting a Komodo dragon, and in front of a traditional entryway.

Where was I, you ask?  And, why am I not teaching yet?

Well, this is the week of Lebaran, which is the last week of Ramadan leading up to Idul Fitri, which celebrates the ending of Ramadan.  So, there is no school until the holiday is over.

And, while the students are away, the teachers will play. A large group of us went to Taman Mini, a amusement park that features culture from hundreds of the archipelago’s islands.  It’s quite the place to go for a bit of history and cultural experiences, but impossible to conqueror.  It’s like the Disney World of Indonesia:  you can go many, many times and still not see it all.




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