Classrooms, Corridors and Cool Air

I bet you thought I would never talk about actually doing school stuff, huh?  Well, today I am!

So, I have been working pretty hard on creating curriculum for the four courses that I teach.  My classroom is right next to another English teacher’s and she has been a huge blessing.  Always willing to answer my questions, she has given me tons of advice and a lot of different materials to potentially use and reference.

Yes, yes, yes, I did decorate my class.  Supplies are limited in Indonesia, simply because of how Indonesia is.  For example, I wanted to buy movie posters, but there is no place in all of Jakarta that sells them.  It’s just not something that is in high demand in Indonesia.  (Where is that college poster sale when you need it?!)

IMG_0260  IMG_0265

IMG_0268  IMG_0283

The halls are all decorated in Indonesian flags, because Indonesian Independence Day is in about a week and a half.  It makes walking the halls so festive, and it’s a nice way to start out the year.

IMG_0238  IMG_0295

While everything is a mixture of the good and the bad, I have really felt blessed by the staff at the school thus far.  Everyone is extremely friendly, taking a genuine interest in how everyone is doing, and always smiling regardless of the hour. Marc, the IB Coordinator at my campus, walks down the hall before everyone arrives in the morning and turns on our Air Con.  It may seem like something small, but when I opened my door this morning, it was so fantastic to walk in a room that was ready to be used as a learning space.

In addition, it has been nice to be surrounded by a group of people who really have a lot of “childlike wonder and delight,” as we say at camp.  If you thought that the thrill of laser tag games, swimming pools, and late night mafia/ “body body” games ended in high school, then you need to spend more time with the staff at my school.


2 thoughts on “Classrooms, Corridors and Cool Air

  1. Wow! It looks so nice. I love that Oscar Wilde quote. Very artsy fartsy, if you ask me. When does your school year start? I still have about a week. The school looks beautiful and very festive. I’m so excited for you!

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