Is it too soon for this?

I have lived in Indonesia for a month.

I miss blue skies, and clean air. || I love eye-level fireworks.

I miss going to Meijer and knowing what all the labels mean. || I love sate ayam and tempeh.

I miss stars and grass. || I love the city skyline.

I miss the bright, crisp, crunchy leaves after they have fallen from the trees. || I love palm trees.

I miss Kava House and the memories there. || I love walking to Starbucks.

I miss blending in. || I love it when my bahasa Indonesia actually makes sense.

I miss the pillows sitting on my bed at home. || I love the view from my apartment.

I miss big bookstores. || I love taxis and bajai and ojek rides.

I miss the smell of cedar trees. || I love burning candles in my apartment.

I miss hugs from people who know and love me. || I love new friends, on the outer ledge.

I miss standing in a circle for communion. || I love being with people who love worship.

I miss picking apples and raspberries with my mom and sister. || I love cheap mangos.

I miss the smell of my dad cutting the lawn. || I love Skype calling my parents.

I miss thick dry erase markers and Precise pens. || I love working at a school with a big budget.

I miss dirt roads. || I love the just-around-the-corner potential for adventure.


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