A Classic Case of Michelle-ness

As is to be anticipated from my previous patterns of behavior, I went from school-and-planning-only busy to everything-else busy faster than I could anticipate.

As many of you know, this is only the fourth year my school has existed. That means that there are some distinct advantages (everything is shiny and new!) and some strong disadvantages (not enough novels for all of the students in my class).

One of those double edged swords is extra-curricular activities. On one hand, there are no “established” teachers who have dominion over the extracurricular activity you want to help with. On the other hand, that extracurricular activity doesn’t exist yet.

And so it is with yearbook. And journalism.
While a yearbook was produced last year, it was run by teachers, and had no student involvement.
And journalism just doesn’t even exist yet.
So, I, of course volunteered to take yearbook from the hands of reluctant teachers and into the hands of students.
And, I volunteered to start journalism at the school.
While yearbook will be something that happens this semester, journalism is in the works for after Christmas, or possibly for Fall 2014.

So, if you wonder what happened to me, and why all of a sudden there are lulls in communication… it’s because I, like I always do, got busy.
Too busy.

Oh, did I also mention that I am the after school beginning Clarinet small group instructor (???) at my school?
That happened too.


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