October Break [Part Two]: Lombok

So, after three weeks after returning from vacation, I am posting the second part of my October Break holiday.

We flew from Jogja to Lombok, which included a quick transition at the Bali airport.  I’ve flown through the Bali airport three times, and it’s my least favourite airport.  “Endlessly” under construction, the seats are uncomfortable, the coffee is terrible, and you get shuffled around the tarmac, switching from bus to bus until you finally get wedged on your budget flight.

The small plane we flew on from Bali to Lombok.

The small plane we flew on from Bali to Lombok.

Regardless of the predictable state of the Bali airport, we made our connection and flew a tiny plane over to Lombok!  We decided to stay in Sengigi, which is about an hour car ride from the airport.   As is normal in Indonesia, the second that you grab your baggage, everyone wants you to pick their transportation service.  Everyone yells at you, phrases like, “You need car?” and “Transport here! You need transport?”

We stood there, in the empty little airport, with these ladies petitioning us from their tiny kiosks.  Everyone in our little group sort of turned and looked at me.  I didn’t know who to pick so I just said, “Okay!  Who has the cheapest car to Sengigi!” and each of us went to a kiosk to find out the price. Everyone claimed their price was cheapest, so after a few “mahal, mahal”s, we selected the cheapest ride and made our way to the resort.


Sunsets, Palm Trees, Pool.

Once we got to the resort, it was all sun and pool.
By far, it was the most relaxing leg of our trip.
Books, sunshine, pool and palm trees.


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