Work Hard, Play Hard

As many of you know, I live a “work hard, play hard” lifestyle.  At this point in my life, I am not “held down” by having too many responsibilities beyond those associated with my job. This means that I can recklessly spend my time working until all hours of the evening, but I can also spend my entire break ignoring those responsibilities.

This is both a blessing and a curse.  Thankfully, this season of my life means that, while I am spending long hours in my classroom in the evening and working during a large chunk of the weekend, it is not at the detriment of any relationships.  My friends here in Indonesia I see during the week, and my friends in America are, well… in America.  I don’t have a husband (or a boyfriend) and my family lives on the other side of the world.  When I slave away, it only impacts me.  (Well, I would like to believe that it also positively impacts my students, too…)  And, since I work such long hours, it means that when vacation days come, I don’t have anything hanging over my head.  Yeah, there are the little things that are put on hold, but generally, I get to ignore work for the majority of break. That’s the blessing.

The curse?  I am so tired.  Every night, I am exhausted.  I drag myself from the shower to my bed, and I usually don’t even have the energy to read.  Weeks are long.  Coffees are consumed.  Contacts are replaced with glasses.

However, starting next week, I only have 5 full weeks of school.  Believe it or not, all of the other weeks are somehow cut short.  Next week, we have PD on Friday, and no students.  The following Monday is off.  Two full weeks go by, and then I have a Monday off.  The next week is complete, but the next week after that is only two days long because of out (very short) spring break!  The week after Spring Break only has four days, the next week has a random Thursday off.  We then have a full week of school, and then a Wednesday and Thursday off!  You get the idea.

I am hoping that during those random mid-week breaks I can learn to find a balance:  a few hours of work, but more than a few hours of rest.  Like I said, I usually work weekends, and spend my longer breaks traveling, so maybe these miscellaneous breaks will teach me how to strike up better balance.  Yes, there will be a train trip to the nearby mountain-slash-volcano with my friend Janna.  And yes, I am planning to spend three days on a boat floating through the Kalimantan jungle while snapping photos of orangutans.  But, other than that and my very long flight home to the States in June, that’s it!  Balance, balance, balance.

Teaching.  Traveling. Writing. (Resting.)


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