Train Obsession

If you know me well, you know that I love trains.
While planes will get you to your location faster, boats will let you feel the wind through your hair, and you can belt out your favourite songs to a radio cranked to its top setting when you’re driving a car, trains are my favorite form of transportation.  (This obsession doesn’t quite extend fully to subways, but I also enjoy good public transportation.)

Thus, you may not be surprised to hear that I had a weekend trip planned with my friend Janna, and I was more excited for the train ride than the actual weekend plans. Theoretically, Bandung is only three hours away by train, but if you know anything about Jakarta, you know that there is no form of transportation unaffected by traffic.  (Still, five hours wasn’t too bad…)

Janna and I had some problems getting to Gambir station, but upon arrival we zipped through the ticket line (we pre-purchased our tickets online, so we just had to pick them up from the window), grabbed a coffee and bolted onto our platform.  (I was freaking out, thinking we were going to miss our train, but we hopped on a solid five minutes before it left the station.)

Our tickets cost 111,000 RP, which is about 10 USD.  They were in “executive” class, which means that every passenger gets their own seat, there is air conditioning in your train car, and you probably wont have all of your things stolen from you during your journey.

Once we finally moved out of the city, the landscape changed to rice terracing and mountains.  While I live in a smog-filled valley of trash, only an hour outside of the city is an intense amount of green that I almost never get the opportunity to appreciate. The very volcanoes and mountains that I used to be able to see out my window (when the smog wasn’t quiet so thick) are the mountains we were traveling towards.

Bandung is a big city, so our destination wasn’t that much of an escape.  However, it’s located in the mountains, so the temperature is much more enjoyable.  While I still don’t need a jacket, many Jakarta natives would even call it cold.  Regardless, we relaxed at our B&B and shopped some outlet malls.We didn’t take a train back to Jakarta, because we decided to go on another adventure.
But that’s a story for next time.


3 thoughts on “Train Obsession

  1. OMG – I haven’t yet written a post about my weekend which was… a train trip to Bandung in Executive class and ride back ‘travel’ ie the mini bus/vans as we couldn’t get a seat on the train! Hope you didn’t repeat our Bandung day which was spent mostly in traffic. 🙂

    • Oh no! The little ankot vans are fine for short rides, but I would HATE to drive all the way back to Jakarta in one! Traffic was pretty terrible in Bandung, so yes, it was about a three-store-and-done shopping day. 😛

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