Teaching Year Two: The First Days of School

School started so quickly that I cannot believe I am already in the midst of week two.

International schools seem to have a slew of problems that private and public schools in America don’t experience.

Expat kids fly in from their homes and vacation spots a week late.
Books, ordered in January, are still sitting in the shipping crate in a port some place far away as teachers scramble to make copies for their students.
English, abandoned for the summer in favour of home languages, is rusty.

Welcome back.

Even with these various hiccups, I am really excited for this year, for a lot of different reasons.

I have a new classroom, on a new floor.

New Desk Space

New Desk Space

I am teaching two International Bacclaureate Diploma Program classes (English B, Grade 11 and Grade 12), and I am excited to push myself to think differently and integrate new approaches.

I am helping here and there with our school’s first musical, a performance of “Annie Jr.” slated to open in January. Auditions were yesterday and today, with call backs later on this week.

I am planning a literature and language trip to London for Senior School students, which is exciting on so many levels that I barely know where to start!

London Trip applications!

London Trip applications!


All of these new additions to my already cluttered schedule mean that I will have to be managing my time more and more as they weeks progress, making sure that I don’t set things aside to “do later” that end up stacking up on my desk.

One thing I don’t want to “stack up on my desk” (figuratively) is this blog.  In the past I updated about once a week, and I hope to continue the trend.  However, it may slow down for a bit since, as you can tell, duty calls.


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