Endless Summer

I live in Indonesia, where summer never ends.

That’s a loaded phrase:  for many people, summer means beaches and picnics and driving with your windows down.  However, that is not the kind of summer I am talking about.
In Jakarta, endless summer just means that it is always hot, humid, and smoggy.  During rainy season, it’s still summer, just…. with rain.

So, don’t be jealous.
In fact, I am jealous of all of you living in places with seasons.  In particular, of Michiganders, who are currently donning their hoodies and jeans, picking apples and strolling though crunchy leaves.

That’s why we need some ground rules, Michigan.
Here’s the deal.  You are experiencing early onset Pumpkin Spice Latte cravings, but they will soon be made reality.  My dreams (literally, I had a dream about pumpkin spice lattes) will not come into fruition.
I am stuck in endless summer.
So.  Stop talking about autumn.

You, girl holding a bushel of fresh picked apples.  I am serious.  Stop it.
Child!  I see you are about to have a photo taken of you jumping into a pile of crunchy orange-yellow leaves.  Please, refrain.
College student, bundled up in scarf and mitten collegiate paraphernalia, cease.

Okay, okay.  I understand.  These are not purposefully aimed at me, your photos of autumnal joy. Your fresh cider and apple-cinnamon donut wasn’t eaten just to spite me and my humid reality.  I get it.

So let’s make a deal.
You don’t snapchat me a photo of you eating carmel apples this fall, and I won’t send you any photos of me in the 90F in while you are in the midst of the dead of winter.

But, in all seriousness, I miss fall.  I have a lot of beautiful memories held close to my heart that revolve around fall: picking apples and raspberries with my mom, trick-or-treating with my siblings, canoeing with my dad up north during my camp’s Father Daughter weekend…  I know that these memories wouldn’t be able to be duplicated now that I am not a child, but there is still something special about putting on boots and a scarf and walking down a road overhung with slowly turning maples.

I have never really been a “summer person,” so this weather isn’t my cup of tea.  I would far prefer eating apples from five miles away then munching on one imported from China or New Zealand.

Hopefully, my time away from autumn will only make me love it more when I am around to experience it.
So. Drink a pumpkin spice latte for me, and don’t forget that you are lucky people, Michiganders.


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