Instantly Vintage

It’s the end of the first academic term of the year, which is a time when grading papers takes over both my work and personal life.
However, my friend Abby, who is one of the curators of “Thirty Under Thirty,” a daily blog that has assembled a team of thirty alumni graduates from my alma mater under the age of thirty on one lovely blog site, asked me to write for the September 30 post.
I have always secretly admired the blog and it’s troupe of talents writers, so I was honored.

You can read my blog post directly from source at

The theme of the month was “millennials in thirty things,” and I used this idea in order  to write about instant cameras.   Why?  Because I think that, for the upper half of millennials, we have grown up precariously walking a line between the “old way” and the “new way.”
While that in of itself isn’t anything special, the new way that we have been brought up in has become consuming .  It is so overwhelming that it would be impossible for society to go backwards without some catastrophic apocalypse destroying the possibilities of technological advancement.

I think the rise-and-fall-and-rise of instant cameras is a good illustration of the strangeness of living in the twenty-tens (what are we even calling this decade?).  Technology surges forward.  We move with it, never second guessing or looking back until suddenly what we want has become irrelevant.  But, unlike in the past, if there is someone who is passionate enough, or if enough people demand for it to be so, whatever thing was once obsolete can be revived.  Crowd funding is a good example of this ingenuity:  if enough people will buy it, it will be made.

Plus, talking about things that are “vintage” is part of how I grew up.  I was instilled with a love of old things from a young age, so it makes me happy to think about some of the beauty of the past being revived in the present day.

(I could write so much more on the topic, but for now, I have 70 more papers and 16 posters to grade.)


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