New Zealand Road Trip: Auckland

This Christmas Holiday, we packed our bags and flew to New Zealand. Our master plan? A three week, two island road trip, traveling from Auckland all the way down to Milford Sound. We have lots of crazy events planned, from beaches to mountains, to caves and kayaks.

I am traveling with three friends, Janna, Teresa, and Janis. As you can tell, we are pumped to be in New Zealand.

Auckland was our first stop of our trip. We landed and immediately bought SIM cards. (Vodaphone– 2G of data, a handful of minutes and a bunch texting, all for 45 NZD. We have no idea if that’s a good price, but the service works and it’s still cheaper than in America.)

A friend of Teresa and Janis lives in Auckland, and while she was staying back in Jakarta, her mother offered to pick us up from the airport an drive us to our hotel! We generously accepted her offer.


When we picked up the car, my travel buddies and I were nervous about driving the car, but I volunteered to be the first. Driving on the left side of the road is so weird, and in being in a city while doing so feels chaotic and wrong. However, so far, so good!

While we only spent 1.5 days in Auckland, we feel as if we have already seen the most iconic places and done many of the “must do” items.

We ate at a tasty place called Food Truck Garage, walked around the CBD while drinking flat whites, ate TipTop ice cream (hokey pokey flavor),went to the 60th floor of the sky tower to see a full panoramic of the city, and visited the wharf.



In the evening, went to dinner at our friends’ parent s house. For dessert, her mom made Pavolva! Delicious. After dinner we went to Franklin Street to walk around and see some Christmas lights. The sky tower was lit up in red and green…




More than enjoying Auckland as a city, I am enjoying simply being in a place with fresh air and sidewalks. Strolling down tree-lined paths, feeling a breeze, experiencing 73F weather, witnessing blue clouds with happy white clouds drifting by… That is what I am loving the most.

As it stands, Auckland seems like a nice place, but we are all so excited to start our road trip tomorrow!

Until then, Cheers!

(Days Traveled: 3, Days Left: 18)

*Reminder: I’m iPad updating while on the road, so please extend some typing grace to me!


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