New Zealand Road Trip: Hobbiton and The Maori

Day Seven dawned bright and early for our foursome, and we packed in our car and headed to Rotorua.
Why the early morning? Well, we didn’t want to miss our bus to The Shire.

Is it as cool as everyone claims it is? Well, I’m not quite sure. I had some pretty high, but also realistic, expectations for the tour. I didn’t expect idyllic, but I did expect beautiful. (It was.) I didn’t expect solitude, but I did expect to be able to hear my guide. (I could.) But most of all, I expected to see some hobbit holes, and boy did I ever.

It’s amazing to see the detail of the set, and hear the story behind it– a man approached by Peter Jackson about the use of his farm, and the process by which the road was built though the fields, and the hobbit holes that slowly became permanent fixtures of the fields.


The tour was short, which is understandable considering that, in the span of a day, I bet a few thousand people cycle through.

I would have liked a few more moments to relax by the fire in The Green Dragon, but alas, we had a mere 15 minutes to sit before being ushered back to the bus.



Shortly after finishing our tour, we headed over to a Maori village that is situated between geothermal pools. There, we ate lunch, watched a cultural show, and we’re lead on a tour of the pools and village. Our tour guide explained the various function of each pool and a bit of the history of the people living in that particular space.


It was a busy day, as are most of our days here in New Zealand.
Who knows what adventures tomorrow will hold!

Days Traveled: 7
Days Left: 13


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