New Zealand Road Trip: Wellington & Abel Tasmin National Park

Wellington! What a lovely city!
I only stayed in Wellington for about two and a half days, but I really enjoyed New Zealand’s capital city.

From out apartment (rented through Air B&B), we could see just a peek of the harbor.


Our short stay included a day of strolling around the city, and a day browsing the Te Papa Museum.
We also celebrated New Years in Wellington, which was a relaxing change compared to last year’s Sydney experience.


What I liked most about Wellington was the intense mixtures of people walking around the city, as well as the fact that Wellington really is a walkable city. It’s a fun change to be in a city that is both large and walkable, since the Jakarta sprawl in which I normally reside is not a place where one can enjoy walking.

From Wellington, we took a ferry over to Picton, a city located at the top of the South Island.


We spent one night in Nelson, which served mostly as a pit stop between Wellington and Abel Tasmin National Park.

In Abel Tasmin, we didn’t quite know what to do. While known for its multiway hikes, the park was completely inaccessible except by foot, and we were feeling tired and hiked out after the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. So, we started out morning with a AquaTaxi ride which showed us all of the different secluded bays we could have hung out at, if only we had planned a little better. After hopping out of the boat, we ate some lunch and ventured off, looking for our own quiet beach.



It only took about twenty minutes of walking in the park to find a small, empty beach space. We spread out our towels and relaxed (the first moments of true relaxation on our entire trip!).

Sadly, our relaxation at Abel Tasmin National Park came to an end, and the next day we packed up our car for the 5 hour drive to Christchurch.

We only have a few days left on our trip, which makes us all really sad. Can it be that we have been road tripping for over two weeks already?

Milford Sound will be our last main event of the trip, so expect more about that experience in coming posts.

Until then, Cheers!


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