For the Year Ahead

January is almost over, and I have not written out my resolutions for the year!
I like to post them on my blog, because it keeps me accountable, with a tangible public record of what I laid out as important for the year ahead.

Last year’s New Year Resolutions were pretty simple:  Read, Write, Simplify, Trust.

I think I did a pretty good job at accomplishing all four: I read much more than I had in 2013, I posted significantly more on this blog, I have managed not to accumulate needless trinkets in my small studio apartment, and, after a lot of prayer, I have decided to stay in Indonesia for another year.

This year, I want to keep building up my goals, but also take on new challenges.

This past year, I wrote significantly more on my blog, which was my initial goal.   This year, I want to continue to write, but I also want to diversify, and write for more than just the purpose of my blog.
To some extent, I have done this already, as I have been writing a bit for an online publication. However, I want to take advantage of other venues to write as well.  In some cases, I may have to pursue those opportunities, but it is surprising how often I am approached about writing for another blog or publication.  I want to say “yes!” more this year, than last!
The end goal is to become the best writer I can be.  Expanding audiences, tackling new topics, and working through my own writing process are all a part of why I want to continue to write.

I want to continue to making prayer and trust a part of my decision making process.
When it comes to what I want and what God wants for me, I think there is no end to needing to refocus on pursuing what He wants for me.
This year will be a year with a lot of unknowns.  I will probably be ending my contract in Indonesia for the 2016- 2017 academic year, which means that in 11 months, I will be not signing a contract, and going home jobless (most likely) a few months later.  I won’t know where to move or where I will end up getting a job (or what that job will look like), but I want to be intentional about my decisions.

A new goal!
I rarely prioritize exercise over work and my precious two hours of post-work relaxing each night, but I want to refocus a bit and attempt to create a bit more balance in my life between work, relaxation, and exercise.  (One a week yoga really isn’t enough to legitimize this goal…)
So, I have started running a few times a week in preparation for a three race, 5K series that is happening over the next few months in Jakarta. I don’t know if I will run all three races, but I want to run (at least!) the first two.
I am not athletic or competitive, which tends to be a lethal, de-motivating partnership for anything sports related, but most of my friends in Jakarta already run, so I have a lot of encouragement and a good pool of people to look to for advice.
I don’t know how long I will keep up running, but I would like to re-integrate exercise into my life this year.


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