Jakarta Exploration || Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta

My co-workers and I took our Grade 9 students to the zoo! The purpose of the trip was to provide our students with an opportunity to use their descriptive writing skills in a new context.  As city-dwellers, Jakartans don’t spend a significant amount of time outdoors.  In fact, it seems as if the richer you are, the less time you spend in nature. The trip was a success!  The students enjoyed being in a new place, spending time in silent observation, and were able to write some impressive first-time descriptive essays. I like the Ragunan Zoo–it’s a quiet refuge in the midst of the crunch of Jakarta.  for only 7000 IDR (about 60 cents), you can spend as much time as you want in the 350 acre sprawl.  Thankfully, we arrived before the rush of the other schools, so we were able to have a fairly isolated experience.


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