Teaching, Year Two: By The Numbers

Year two of teaching over, already?  Most of the year flew by, although the past ten weeks seem like they have lasted eons.  Regardless,  my second year of teaching is over!  Here is some number crunching from the life of an International School English teacher.

New Courses Taught: 2
This was my first year teaching Grade 11 and Grade 12.

Total Course Sections Taught: 6
Three sections of English 8, a section of English 9, a section of English 11, and section of English 12.

My Grade 12 students.  The boys do actually smile in real life...

My Seniors

Planes taken with students: 6
Two planes to Bali for service week, and four planes to London on our Literature and Language Trip.  Thankfully, I love traveling with my students.

girls at window slight mask

Hours in each school day:  8
Classes begin at 7:00 am, and school ends at 3:00pm.

Novels taught this year: 10
Adding literature to a purely writing-based curriculum is difficult, but I believe in the power of story, so the more books, the merrier!

Number of Students: 104
My smallest class was four students!  I only taught around 90 students, and the others are kids in my homeroom class.

Pages of the yearbook: 161
Yes, I will come to your after school activity and take a million photos.

Average Number of Starbucks Iced Americanos Consumed: 164
At three or four americanos a week, for 41 weeks… well, let’s just say I spend my living stipend mostly on caffeinated beverages


Days of the School Year: 188
Semester one was 92 days, while semester two was 96 days.
(Fun fact:  Most schools in my home state of Michigan are in session for about 175 days.)

Papers Graded in Grade 8 alone:  900+
I have about 55 students in my Grade 8 class.  Every time I assign a paper, I have them go through the writing process of outlining, rough drafts, and peer editing.  They submit a “best you can do without my comments draft” to me, and I give typed feedback, as well as on-draft comments.  Then, they edit it again and submit that draft for a grade.  With 55 students doing this process twice a term, it means that I read 220 papers every term, just for grade 8!  Then, multiply 220 papers by four terms, and viola!  Almost 900 papers.  Add in the 110 Cambridge Progression Essays, and you have almost 1000 papers, just for one grade level.

Days before I am back in school: 50 days
I am so excited for the next academic year, but for now, I am just thankful that in a few short days I will be laying in the grass of my backyard in the beautiful state of Michigan!  The seven weeks will fly by, and I plan on savoring every moment of America.



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