Senior Bio Students Go to Pramuka Island– with Miss Michelle!

This past weekend, I was asked to accompany the Grade 12 Biology students on a Bio Trip adventure to Pramuka Island, one of the islands which make up the chain just north of Java, known as the Thousand Islands.

The island and its surroundings are beautiful, and the trip was so fantastic!  Many of the students admitted it was more fun than they anticipated.  They went to a turtle hatchery, planted coral that had been grown to repair the coral reefs, conducted research about sea grass, learned about how mangroves were impacting the ecosystem of the island, and snorkeled while taking measurements and observations about the coral reefs.

There were a few incidents (one student cut herself on the coral and had to get stitches, another fell off our boat while we were crossing from island to island), but overall, the trip was a success!

Here are some pictures of the beautiful island, and some candid, mostly-faceless shots of my students.



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