Christmas 2015: Prague

Three days in Prague was not enough! There were so many things we didn’t make it to that would draw me back to this city. The Jewish museum, the inside of St. Vitrius Cathedral, the tower view of the Old Prague Square… But I won’t dwell on what I didn’t see– instead, let’s talk about the places I loved.

First of all, Prague this time of year is filled with small stalls selling everything from embroideries lace to earrings, spinning tops to candles, hot mulled wine to gingerbread and bratwurst, there are little Christmas market stalls were everywhere. As a traveller, it was really convenient because it meant that you could eat a tasty meal or have a warm drink without the awkward shuffle of wondering where to eat and reading a menu in an unknown language.

It was also very festive.


While in Prague, we took a tour of the palace area, which was nice as it gave us a bit of history regarding the Czech past. I must admit that I knew next to nothing about the history of the Czech Republic, so learning about the highlights of the country’s development in context was really nice. (This is one of my favorite parts of traveling, actually!)




The biggest disappointed for me with this tour was that we didn’t actually go into St. Victus Cathedral, which I had read was gorgeous.




The winding streets of Prague were pretty confusing, with their dead end courtyards and hidden side streets, but Syntha has a great sense of direction so we rarely got lost. The streets are part of the charm of the city, though– curving facades and cobblestones add to the feeling of antiquity that this city has held onto.

One evening of our time in Prague was spend at Jazz Republic, where Syntha and I met up with some people from our tour earlier in the day to listen to some jazz and hang out. (Confession– we were out until midnight, and both of us were so tired. Ha!)


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