Christmas 2015: Kutna Hora

Syntha and I took a day trip out to Kutna Hora, a city about an hour away from Prague by train. While its silver mines made it a main source of wealth for the kingdom of Bohemia in centuries past, the city’s main attraction is now a place known as “The Bone Chapel.”




Over 60,000 bodies contributed to this chapels creation, with three theories on the sources of the bones. First, the church was deemed “holy ground” by the monks living there, as they had taken soil from mount Golgotha and sprinkled it around the graveyard where the church is now built, so many people were clamoring to be buried there. When they started to build the foundation of the church, they started to dig up the bones of those people. In addition, many Protestants were killed during a period of religious conflict, and they were shoved down the silver mines and left to die. Finally, about 30,000 of the bones were from those who died of the bubonic plague.

A wealthy family purchased the church and then commissioned an artist to create something out of the bones, which is what is left today.


Also while in Kutna Hora, we visited St. Barbara, a beautiful gothic church that, like many other massive buildings in the area, took a few hundred years to complete.




Another highlight of traveling is meeting new people with unique stories. While on this trip, we meet a few awesome people– we even had a mutable acquaintance back in the states! It’s small world.



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