Christmas 2015: Vienna

It finally snowed while we were in Vienna!

I am not a huge fan of freezing cold weather, but I haven’t seen snow in three years, so when the first flakes started to drift down, I actually cheered. In public. What an embarrassment– sorry Syntha!

Snow wasn’t the only fantastic thing in Vienna. The city is absolutely gorgeous, with ancient buildings and delicious markets and interesting museums.

While we were in Vienna for New Years Eve, Syntha and I didn’t do anything crazy to celebrate. In the evening, we did walk through part of the New Years Eve Trail, but it was pretty cold outside (considering our tropical tendencies) so we only popped outside to see the fireworks at midnight.

While in Vienna, Syntha and I managed to visit many of the city’s interesting palaces and museums. Schlossschnbrunn, a palace once inhabited by the Hapsburg family, is open for tours through specific wings that have been maintained in the historical style as the last Hapsburg family.

There also was a New Years market outside, where they were selling gluwein and wooden toys, candles and clothing.

St. Stephens cathedral is a massive landmark in Vienna, and it was packed with tourist during our visit.

Belvedere Palace must be absolutely magnificent during the summer months. Even in winter, the artful symmetry of the gardens was evident, and we enjoyed our chilly walk. The palace, which has been converted to a museum, houses a variety of art from a range of periods.Syntha and I only spend about an hour and a half, but if we had time to spare I am sure that we would have lingered for a while longer.

If I ever go back to Vienna, I am definitely going to buy a Vienna Pass in addition to my 72 hour train ticket. Many of the places we visited offered discounts with the pass, and even though it cost about 20 euro, I think it would have been worth it.



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