Jomblang Cave, Yogjakarta

This past weekend, I traveled to Yogja with some co-workers from school.  While we ambitiously planned to both go caving and hiking, we only made it to the caves.  What can I say?  Life as a teacher is exhausting.

None of us really knew what the experience was going to be, so I didn’t bring my camera or phone with me for photographic, but I wish I would have!  While it was quite muddy and there was a lot of water from dripping cave ceiling, it was so beautiful that I think it would have been worth the risk!  Therefore, all these photos are courtesy of my more gutsy travel buddies.

I am not (naturally) an adrenaline junkie, but I always end up hanging out with people who encourage me to jump from planes, tube underground, and hang off the sides of cliffs.  The adrenaline rush of this experience was more in the belay down the cliff face, since it meant relying on the (somewhat suspect) belaying system and unknown gear.

Wanna go? 
Jomblang Cave is located about 1.5 hours away from Yogjakarta, which means that it is best accessed with a hired local driver.  Also, it’s important to book your spot early because they (theoretically) limit the number of people allowed down in the cave at one time.


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