Here and There, but not Quite Everywhere

Grad school has been an intense experience, and not having a full time job has put a serious cramp in my travels– both in regards to budget and time.  However, I have hopped around a bit in the States, so here are a few photo sets from my (somewhat) recent travels.

I look a (long) weekend trip to New York, I drove from Michigan to New York City to see Melissa, my long-time friend.  (More accurately, I accompanied Melissa’s mom, and was her co-driver across country!)  We had a great time driving down to NYC, and an even better time hanging out with Melissa in NYC.



One weekend later, I went to Washington D.C. with a group of high school students from the school where I work.   We wandered around some museums, but my favourite part of being in D.C. was finding an Indonesian Food Truck!  (It was delicious!)



And, as a bonus, here are some photos from when I went backpacking in November!  I took a trip with the University of Michigan to Taquamenon Falls, which was very cold, but also very beautiful.


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