Jomblang Cave, Yogjakarta

This past weekend, I traveled to Yogja with some co-workers from school.  While we ambitiously planned to both go caving and hiking, we only made it to the caves.  What can I say?  Life as a teacher is exhausting. None … Continue reading

Senior Bio Students Go to Pramuka Island– with Miss Michelle!

This past weekend, I was asked to accompany the Grade 12 Biology students on a Bio Trip adventure to Pramuka Island, one of the islands which make up the chain just north of Java, known as the Thousand Islands. The … Continue reading

Tiny Island Paradise

A few weeks ago, before the deluge of grading and the stress of examination weeks, I went to an island for a long weekend of relaxation.  It’s an Eco Island, about an hour or so north of Jakarta, so there … Continue reading

Scuba Diving on Gili Trawangan

I didn’t go to Gili Trawangan with the goal of getting my Open Water Scuba Certification.  In fact, that was something I had decided was very firmly on my Not Going To Do list.  The idea of thousands of pounds … Continue reading

Kemang Meets Kalimantan || Part Two

Our first day on the boat was spent largely in travel into the Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting, a Indonesian National Park designed to preseve the jungle wildlife.  As we klo-tok-tok-tok’d down the river, our guide explained that the land on … Continue reading