Senior Bio Students Go to Pramuka Island– with Miss Michelle!

This past weekend, I was asked to accompany the Grade 12 Biology students on a Bio Trip adventure to Pramuka Island, one of the islands which make up the chain just north of Java, known as the Thousand Islands. The … Continue reading

Summer 2015: In Review

It’s been a long while since my last post! Honestly, I was swept away in the joys of summer vacation. Without any sort of schedule in my life, I must admit that I couldn’t find any time to write intentionally, … Continue reading

Snapshot: New Zealand Road Trip [South Island]

Our hop down to the South Island was not a dissapointment, especially in terms of scenery.  New Zealand just got more and more beautiful as we drove closer to Fiordland! Here are some highlight from our South Island views. (Warning: … Continue reading