Novel Discoveries

This year, I asked my Grade 8 and Grade 9 students to respond to only one question for their final, end-of-the-year reflection. “What was the most important life lesson you have discovered in a book this year?  Write about that … Continue reading

Teaching, Year Two: By The Numbers

Year two of teaching over, already?  Most of the year flew by, although the past ten weeks seem like they have lasted eons.  Regardless,  my second year of teaching is over!  Here is some number crunching from the life of … Continue reading

London and The Countryside || March 2015

I got back from London two whole weeks ago. It’s crazy how quickly time can slip away from you, especially when that time is consumed by an endless list of time sensitive tasks. I can’t believe I haven’t posted pictures … Continue reading

Teaching Year Two: The First Days of School

School started so quickly that I cannot believe I am already in the midst of week two. International schools seem to have a slew of problems that private and public schools in America don’t experience. Expat kids fly in from … Continue reading